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Muse 2020 and Beyond

As we enter a new year and decade in 2020, we also approach the the 2-year Anniversary of Adobe’s end of life announcement for Adobe Muse. In this article we'll discuss the future of Adobe Muse, our plans for supporting MuseThemes products, and a great alternative web design platform.

by Brandon Wallace


We're excited to unveil our new initiative, ThemePhotos. This is not just another stock photo site – our photos are shot and packaged as beautifully-consistent sets, each containing 20+ high resolution photos. More than enough to build a complete, cohesive website!

by Steve Harris

Member Update – March 2019

As the one-year anniversary of Adobe Muse’s end of life announcement approaches, we thought this would be a great time to publish a member update taking a look back over the past year of releases and sharing our plans for the year ahead.

by Steve Harris

How to Download Adobe Muse

How to download Adobe Mue

While Adobe Muse can currently be updated via Creative Cloud, new installations of the application are not as straight forward. Use the download link in this article to install Adobe Muse.

by Steve Harris

Major Changes to Google Maps - Free New API Widget

Free Google Maps Widget

As of June 11th 2018, Google will require that any usage of its Google Maps platform must utilize an API key. Any widget or embed on a site without the required API will fail to function properly. We've got you covered with a new FREE widget and tutorial.

by Brandon Wallace

Facebook Photo Albums - Bug Resolution and New Widget Download

Facebook Photo Albums widget update

You may have noticed an outage of our Facebook Photo Albums recently. The outage is due to a bug on Facebook's developer platform, introduced in late May. This article contains steps to resolve the issue, as well as a special widget update.
by Brandon Wallace

Important News for Mumblr Users Based in the EU

Mumblr GDPR Update

If you use the Mumblr widget, and are based in the EU (or have site visitors from the EU), you may need to take action on your site. Tumblr has updated it’s cookie policies according to GDPR law changes, and now requires acceptance of it’s terms prior to viewing any Tumblr feed.

by Brandon Wallace

Without Code & Adobe Muse End of Life: Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

Following the announcement of our new business, Without Code, we received a hugely positive response, along with many great questions. In this article, we’ll answer your most commonly asked questions regarding Without Code, the recent Muse End of Life announcement from Adobe, and the future of MuseThemes.

by Steve Harris

The Final Release of Adobe Muse

Adobe End of Life Muse

It’s a sad day for the Muse community. Adobe has officially announced that the March 26, 2018 release of Adobe Muse will be the final version. Ongoing development of the software has ended, and there will be no new feature additions beyond critical OS level updates.

by Steve Harris

MuseThemes Guide to Navigation Design

Take a look into the importance of navigation design, as well as the essential guidelines you should consider. We also provide a few examples of different styles of navigation design that might inspire you.

by Mackenzie Petursson

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