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Adobe Muse Tutorials

Learn new skills and become an Adobe Muse master.
Adobe Muse Quick Start Guide

Adobe Muse Quick Start Guide (Free)

11 Videos 45mins

Learn Muse on your lunch break! Designed for businesses who want to get started quickly (or decide if Muse is right for their project), this free 10-part video series covers only the most essential elements and tools in Adobe Muse.

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Surreal CMS for Adobe Muse

Surreal CMS for Adobe Muse

7 Videos 34mins

Surreal CMS is a great option for adding simple client-side editing to Adobe Muse sites. This training series explains how to install Surreal in just a few minutes, and make edits to your site right in the browser.

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Adobe Muse Responsive Design

Responsive Design Made Easy

22 Videos 1hr 25mins

Responsive Muse is extremely powerful, but very different. This training series will get you up to speed quickly on the new features and save a ton of time and headaches building your client websites.

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Adobe Muse Web Hosting

Web Hosting and Domain Setup Explained (Free)

6 Videos 36 mins

The process of setting up a hosting account, buying a domain name, and linking these items together is a huge obstacle for designers new to the web. This free series of in-depth training videos explains this complete process.

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