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Member Update – March 2019

As the one-year anniversary of Adobe Muse’s end of life announcement approaches, we thought this would be a great time to publish a member update taking a look back over the past year of releases and sharing our plans for the year ahead.

While business at MuseThemes has certainly declined since the announcement, it still remains strong enough for us to continue investing in building new products, improving on our existing library, and delivering the same level of customer support we’ve always been known for.


MuseThemes Future Focus

As we look forward to a new year at MuseThemes, we plan to shift our development focus slightly in favor of updating existing products with new or improved functionality. We’ll base these product updates fully on requests from our community, so if you’re currently using a MuseThemes widget (or need one in particular) please send us a note here with more details:


With that said we do have several new products planned for the upcoming year, and we’re eager to hear what designers still working with Muse need in their arsenal.


Without Code Update:

By now most of our members know about our new website design platform – Without Code – and many have already transitioned to it as their design platform of choice. I’m happy to say the new business is thriving, with thousands of designers currently working on the platform and over 14,000 sites designed and published.

After transferring their sites from Muse to Without Code, we are frequently told by designers that they are seeing the following results:

  • Significantly improved search rankings and conversions (bookings, signups, etc.)
  • Faster website build-times leading to improved business profitability
  • Increased project rates and approved quotes due to the ability to offer a powerful CMS
  • An overall smooth, enjoyable experience – it’s headache free and “just works”

We know that Without Code isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok – we’d just like you to know that if you’re interested in trying it, it’s free to do so. And if you decide to sign up we will happily extend you a discount code for being a current or former MuseThemes member (all paid Without Code memberships include full MuseThemes access).

BONUS DISCOUNT! Move Your Muse Site to Without Code:

For designers who want to transition their Muse sites to another platform, we're offering a significant first year hosting discount for moving your site to Without Code. Simply contact our sales team here, and provide them with a link to your current Muse site. Once we validate the old Muse site, we'll provide you with a discount code to get that site published live on our new service.


Single Widget Sales:

In the entire history of our MuseThemes business, we never sold a single widget on its own. They were always part of our membership, adding value to the subscription on an ongoing basis.

We’ve recently changed this policy and I’m happy to announce we are now selling single widgets on the MuseThemes site. It felt appropriate to offer our widgets by either subscription or on an individual basis, and not force users into an ongoing subscription given that Muse is no longer being developed.

As a reminder, paid Pro or Enterprise members of Without Code receive full access to MuseThemes so if you’re considering purchasing a MuseThemes subscription to download all of our products, it’s best to do so by joining Without Code (you get both sites for the price of one!).

You can now choose between purchasing a single widget or a full subscription to

Muse Ongoing Compatibility / Stability

Just a quick reminder that Adobe has committed to delivering technical support and compatibility updates to Muse until March of 2020. After that point, their end of life message states Adobe Muse will continue to open on your computer and you can still edit / update existing sites in Muse.

All sites hosted on the Business Catalyst system need to be moved to a new platform (*cough* Without Code) prior to March 2021. You can review Adobe's official end of life notice here.

We are not aware of any upcoming browser changes that could cause compatibility issues with Muse sites, or reduce the lifespan of Adobe Muse. Of course, nobody knows what will change in major browsers in the next few years, however websites we built in the 2011 version of Muse still function completely fine – so it’s quite likely you won’t experience any browser related issues in Muse sites for many, many years.


2018 Release Recap:

New Widgets:

New Themes:



    Thanks for continuing to support our initiatives: MuseThemes and Without Code. Stay tuned for news about exciting new projects and business ventures built by our team.

    Steve Harris



    Steve Harris
    Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

    Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.


    Trevor Hutton
    Trevor Hutton
    I would really like to move to Without Code but need to keep hosting of my sites where they are – so learning WordPress instead. Any likelyhood of a change in terms of your existing policy on hosting?
    Kerrie V
    Kerrie V

    You guys/gals rock. Thx so much for communicating to us, the designers.

    Jason Jefferies
    Jason Jefferies

    You made moving from Muse to WOC an easy transition and my clients didn’t mind the hassle of moving to your hosting as the CMS offered is easy to use and powerful. Fast site building, easy turnovers…. just waiting for email hosting ;)

    Ben B
    Ben B

    Without code needs to offer exporting to be able to host elsewhere. We were led to believe this was being looked into from the beginning. W/O also needs to integrate email into the hosting platform. These two requests are important and I know I am not the only designer who feel this way.


    I was disappointed to hear Muse is no longer a long term site development tool. I was going to switch to WOC, but will not untill I can continue to use my existing hosting platform. When WOC was first announced, I was lead to believe I could build in WOC and publish on any hosting service. I’m a no-go untill then.

    Jesús Salvador Herrejón Ibarra
    Jesús Salvador Herrejón Ibarra

    If WO just could let me use my own hosting/domain provider, i would like to switch to it. I will keep with Muse until the end of my days <3 thank you so much for the help, going to update my membership soon. Best regards.


    I am still maintaining and creating websites with Muse with no problems so far (thank goodness). I am happy to support MT annually for new widgets and updates which I am most grateful for. I am a loyal Muser to the end!

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