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Our Quality and Process

We’re proud of our products, and we’re not afraid to show it.

Say Yes to Client Requests

Deciding on our next big tool for Muse is a step we don't take lightly. Many of our ideas come from the Muse community and our members – you are the ones using the software and know what you need best.

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How We Work

Well Planned

Once we determine our next widget, we use spec sheets to zero in on exactly what we want to include in the widget. We want to give you the perfect ratio of usability to customization.

Professionally Built

All of our widgets are built properly – by expert developers – from beginning to end. Our driving goal is to provide quality tools that are going to be a real solution for our customers.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our unhealthy obsession with testing means that you don’t have to worry about our tools working. You can focus on creating your ideal site; we will focus on creating tools that work. Still found a bug? Report it, and we'll squash it.

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We Stand by Our Tools

Unfortunately, many vendors create widgets and release them to the world without a support system. That's not our style! We frequently update our products in order to make them even better. See an opportunity for improvement? Drop us a line!

Support You Can Rely On

Our Support Team is made up of a group of six experts, each focused on specific areas of support, from billing to widget bugs.

We're Listening

Knowing what works and what doesn't allows us to continually improve our tools and provide the best possible widgets for your site.

You're Not Alone

This community is made up of thousands of businesses with great ideas and Muse knowledge. Tell us what you use Muse for and what your challenges are. Chances are pretty good we have been there! Looking for an opinion? Check out our forum.

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