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  • 1.5: Added ability to unlink menu items: just leave URL field blank in spreadsheet (01/13/2017)June, 2018

Feb 20, 2019

News Feed - Display a dynamic live feed on your site – great for blogs, news or updates.


Feb 6, 2019

Pinterest Pro Pack - This widget 6-pack is the ultimate tool for serious Pinterest users and those serious about marketing.


Jan 23, 2019

Animated Intro - This widget offers an easy drop-in solution for hero, title, subtitle and linked button – complete with entrance animations.


Jan 9, 2019

Sense - A light and bright theme perfect for a dentist office, health clinics or small businesses.


Dec 19, 2018

Scroll Progress Bar - The Scroll Progress Bar widget displays a persistent progress bar as you scroll on any page.


Dec 5, 2018

Image Expand - The Image Expand widget displays fully expanded images in an instant when clicked. Great for saving valuable page space!


Nov 21, 2018

Carousel Image Slider 2.0 - This versatile slideshow displays multiple images at once, and creates image display possibilities not found in any other slider. Version 2.0 is an entirely new build, with upgrades in styling, performance and functionality.

Twitter Feed Pro (1.5) - Version 1.5 has been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate important API changes from Twitter. Anyone experiencing issues with previous versions of the widget should update immediately.


Nov 7, 2018

Particles - An interactive eye-catching visual effect with highly-customizable display options ranging from mild to wild.


Oct 24, 2018

Typeform - This widget integrates the web's leading platform for data collection.


Oct 18, 2018

Article Connect (1.2) - Improved handling of columns, fixed issue of two columns displaying as one.


Oct 10, 2018

AddThis Social Tools - Integrate the most popular and powerful social sharing platform on the web with our AddThis Social Tools widget.


Sept 27, 2018

Shopify Ecommerce - This widget marries Muse with one of the most powerful and fully featured Ecommerce platforms on the web: Shopify.

Selz Ecommerce (2.1) - A crucial update implementing several important updates from Selz. Any site experiencing store or product visibility issues should upgrade to v2.1.


Sept 10, 2018

Tooltips - Apply informational pop-up messages to any element in Muse using our essential Tootips widget.


Aug 29, 2018

Wireframe - Neon - The Neon WireFrame features a news site layout that's ideal for magazines, clubs or blogs.


Aug 15, 2018

MultiScroll - Create dramatic fullscreen presentations by scrolling page content in opposite directions simultaneously with the MultiScroll widget.


Aug 2, 2018

Paragon Theme - One of our most versatile themes ever. This theme was built to model a sales training firm, though it can be used for almost any site design imaginable.


July 18, 2018

Jotform - This highly-requested widget adds another great option for using forms in Muse: Jotform – a very popular and powerful form service. 


July 3, 2018

Category Hero - A great way to draw some attention to your hero. Category Hero offers up three categories with interactive CTA's (Calls to Action) and full width images.


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Important Update to the Facebook Photo Albums Widget

July 13, 2017
A recent change to the Facebook Developers API has caused our Facebook Photo Albums to no longer display images. If you are using this widget in published sites, an immediate update is suggested. Read on for more details.

Imgsafe.org Is Down - Here Are Other Hosting Options...

May 22, 2017

If you've used imgsafe.org for image hosting with our Gallery Connect widget, you will need to take action to restore image links. This article shares several alternate hosting options.

Trick: Change the Color of Any .PNG Icon in Muse!

February 22, 2017
We're commonly asked if the color of .PNG icons can be changed in Muse. The answer is YES! We call it the "inner glow" trick, and we've been using it for years. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.
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  • - Media Pro Gallery
  • - Presentation Panels
  • - Pushy Panes
  • - Versa Slide
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