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Trick: Change the Color of Any .PNG Icon in Muse!

February 22, 2017
We're commonly asked if the color of .PNG icons can be changed in Muse. The answer is YES! We call it the "inner glow" trick, and we've been using it for years. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.

Having Trouble with Fonts? Try our Font Lookup Tool!

January 26, 2017
Font names must be entered manually using the correct CSS style name when using widgets. We've made a tool to simplify things a bit.

Using Surreal CMS With Adobe Muse - We'd Love To Hear Your Feedback

November 17, 2016
Surreal CMS is a simple and flexible content management system, compatible with Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst. Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Latest Updates & Releases

Mar 22, 2017

WireFrames - Hydrogen layout (v1.2) - Grouped navigation hamburger icon bars to improve look on tablet and mobile breakpoints. Updated home page slider for better performance between 320-360px.


Mar 22, 2017

Table Connect - A powerful table widget that allows you or your client to update table data instantly using Google Sheets


Mar 15, 2017

Bells - A classy and elegant wedding planning service theme


Mar 8, 2017

WireFrames - An all new product from MuseThemes! These pre-built website layouts provide instant, functional site designs. Perfect for quickly showing off website drafts to clients. Wireframes have been used in web design for years, and we're bringing them to the Muse world for the first time!


Mar 1, 2017

Audio Essentials - 2-pack of audio widgets, including a simple slim audio player, as well as a full-featured showcase style Pro version complete with playlists and images


Feb 17, 2017

CSV Chart Connect (v1.1) - Adds option to Bar Chart and Line Chart for using an X-Axis starting value of zero


Feb 15, 2017

CSV Article Connect (Beta v4) - Details here:


Feb 14, 2017

Instagram Feed (v1.7) - Updated Instagram loading icon


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Compatibility Notice

Due to page positioning in Muse, the following widgets are known to have conflicts when used together.

  • - Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery
  • - Fullscreen Video Backgrounds
  • - Media Pro Gallery
  • - Presentation Panels
  • - Pushy Panes
  • - Versa Slide
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