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Using Surreal CMS With Adobe Muse - We'd Love To Hear Your Feedback

November 17, 2016
Surreal CMS is a simple and flexible content management system, compatible with Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Introducing Our "Connect" Series of Remote-Manageable Widgets

October 13, 2016
Our Connect widgets are a revolutionary new series of widgets that give designers and their clients 
unlimited control and unmatched flexibility.

Legacy Widgets Are Being Dropped From Bundle Download

September 30, 2016
Starting Wednesday October 5th, the Legacy Widgets will no longer be included in the bundle download. Expect lighter, quicker downloads.
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What's New

Latest Updates & Releases

Dec 2, 2016

Age Verification - (v1.1) Improved language support by adding custom fields for month names, added month/day/year ordering option in addition to day/month/year, fixed bug causing link issues after verification is passed

Animated Page Transitions (v1.1) - Optimized javascript library

Carousel Image Slider (v1.3) - Doubled image capacity from 20 to 40 images

Tockify Calendar Integration (v1.1) - Optimized javascript library


Nov 30, 2016

Age Verification - New widget offering website access restriction based on birth date


Nov 23, 2016

Stack - Move - New fitness-inspired Stack featuring our OnLoad Animator widget, adding subtle motion effects

Sidebar Connect (v1.3) - Fixes text alignment issues, as well as H1 tag text sizing bug. Also adds color control for arrows within menu items.


Nov 18, 2016

Sidebar Connect (v1.2) - Fixes display issue in Internet Explorer, adds option for transparency in mobile menu button color selector


Nov 11, 2016

Cinch Slideshow (v1.5) - Fixed bug causing images to stack after page reloads in IE and Edge browsers, fixed bug causing nav dots to become displaced in IE and Edge browsers

Custom Cursor (v1.1) - Fixed issue causing widget to not function correctly in IE and Edge browsers. Page must be published to see custom cursor.

Instagram Feed (v1.6) - Fixed issue causing lightbox to open at the top of the page on mobile devices


Nov 9, 2016

Photo Filter - Apply photo filters to placed images and Muse elements - directly in Muse


Oct 27, 2016

SHOW Responsive Video Suite (v1.2) - Fixed bug in the Self Hosted Gallery widget causing the same videos to repeat in consecutive rows, and videos displaying in columns instead of rows 


Oct 25, 2016

Gallery Connect (beta v3) - Allows true usage of custom thumbnails, bug fixes  

Sidebar Connect (v1.1) - Adds ability to hide menu in a specific breakpoint range, disable linking on menu items, positioning control of menu button, additional icon libraries, and better mobile handling.

Social Sprites (v2.0) - Adds several new social channel options, icon styles, and animations


Oct 21, 2016

Cinch Responsive Slideshow (v1.4) - Adds custom prev/next buttons, placement of caption

Ecwid Ecommerce (v1.3) - Adds responsiveness and other upgrades to search bar and category tabs widgets, adds "Chameleon Skin" option which allows the Ecwid Store to automatically inherit text color from text on the same page

Rapid Reveal (v1.3) - Adds Email button option to content preview areas

Snipcart Ecommerce (v1.1) - Adds item options (e.g. small, medium, large), checkboxes, and custom commenting to Add Item widget. Also adds Subscription widget to enable recurring payments

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Compatibility Notice

Due to page positioning in Muse, the following widgets are known to have conflicts when used together.

  • - Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery
  • - Fullscreen Video Backgrounds
  • - Media Pro Gallery
  • - Presentation Panels
  • - Pushy Panes
  • - Versa Slide
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