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Major Changes to Google Maps - Free New API Widget

Free Google Maps Widget

As of June 11th 2018, Google will require that any usage of its Google Maps platform must utilize an API key. Any widget or embed on a site without the required API will fail to function properly, and will display a low resolution image, error message, or similar. We suggest taking immediate action on any affected site.

To help ease the process, we've created a FREE new widget that incorporates the required API key. This simple widget is a great replacement for any Google Maps widget that does not incorporate an API key.


Acquiring an API Key from Google

  • Visit
  • Log in now if you are not already logged in. If you have multiple Google accounts, ensure you're logged into the desired account.
  • Select one (or more) of the three API categories, presented in the pop-up. Most users will choose "Maps." Even if multiple selections are made, only one API key will be provided.

  • Progress through the Google Maps Platform setup process. Each step will not be covered here, but please note the following:
    • Billing info is required. Google now requires billing info to be provided in order to use the Google Maps platform and acquire an API key. You may or may not have to enter this information if you have done so in the past. If your account is associated with Google Play, for example, you will not be required to enter this information again. Please read all of the billing information. Google Maps will still be free for most users, however, for users with certain needs or traffic volume, fees may apply.
    • Protect your API key. API keys can be used across multiple sites. If your API key is shared or discovered, it could potentially be used without your knowledge. To avoid this, and any associated charges to your billing account, restrict the usage of your API key. See the "Protecting Your API Key" chapter at 5:46 in our tutorial video for more details.
  • When you've received your API key, copy it. And again, do not share this key with anyone else.


Setup in Muse

  • Drop the Google Maps - Free widget onto your page.
  • Open the widget option panel.
  • Paste the Google Maps API Key into the first field (see steps in section above for acquiring this key)
  • Set the location and customization options as desired.
  • For detailed setup instructions, visit our Docs page.



I already have an old API key from Google, can I use that?

If you have an older existing API from Google, ensure that it is a valid API key. Google had many different API categories for Google Maps and these categories were consolidated down to just three; API keys sourced from the older categories will fail to function. If you are unsure the best thing to do is simply acquire a new one.


Why is the location set with longitude/latitude? What happened to the address field?

Unfortunately, this is a requirement from Google, as part of the June 11th, 2018 changes. We agree – it's annoying. We're currently exploring options that could still allow for an address entry.


How do I find the latitude and longitude of my address?

We've placed a link in the widget option panel to simplify this process. Just enter your address, and copy the provided latitude and longitude. Note that the address "Place Name" field on the site accepts most addresses, as well as attractions, places of business, and more.


I want more features! Like map styling!

You're in luck. The premium version of our Google Maps widget includes custom style themes from Snazzy Maps. Choose from thousands of themes, or create your own. View the widget here.


Hopefully this article provides clarification of the changes coming from Google on June 11th, 2018. For more information, visit Google's guide. Or, as always, feel free to send a note to our support team!

Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace / Boise, ID

Brandon Wallace, esteemed Widget Master, started with MuseThemes in 2014. He manages all of our widgets – new and old – all while maintaining an unflinching commitment to food, music, and craft beer.

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