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How to Download Adobe Muse

How to download Adobe Mue

While Adobe Muse can currently be updated via Creative Cloud, new installations of the application are not as straight forward. The following link should be used for installations of Adobe Muse:


Adobe will keep this download link active indefinitely, so we suggest saving the link location.


Keeping Muse in Your Creative Cloud Apps Manager

To keep Muse in your list of current Adobe apps in Creative Cloud, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Creative Cloud app.
  • Click the menu button in the upper right corner.
  • Select Preferences

  • Check the box that says "Show Older Apps"


Updating Adobe Muse CC

To update existing versions of Muse already on your machine, you may still use Creative Cloud to update Muse through March 26, 2020. If you are working with Muse version 2018.1, you are up to date, and won’t need to update again, as this is the final version Adobe will release.

Steve Harris
Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, Lynda.com author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.


Wes Mussato
Wes Mussato

Ty for the always valuable info Mr. Harris

Cathie George
Cathie George

Hi Steve,

I intend on closing my Adobe subscription in October when it comes up for renewal as I’m moving away from Adobe as much as possible, since their EOL announcement of Muse. As I’ve been paying for these apps on subscription for far too many years I’m assuming I can continue using them if I physically have the software installed on my computers, even if I no longer subscribe. I just won’t be able to get the latest updates. Is this right. I just need to make sure that if the are installed in my applications part of my Finder, that they are physically there and won’t disappear once my subs cease.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just not 100% sure about this and need to make sure I still have access to them if I need them.


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