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Future Updates

Here’s an overview of future updates, announcements, and tutorials to look forward to on

  • Template updates – expect to see user submitted designs, and new creations from Visual Arms.
  • Instructions for implementing custom typeface (font) integration using – with no coding required. Check out the Visual Arms website for an example
  • Ongoing FAQ and support updates from the user community.
  • Template updates and fixes as needed


by Steve Harris

Visual Arms launches

visual arms logo

We are excited to announce the release of our professional Adobe Muse templates, which provide a complete website framework for Muse users looking to work from an existing design.

Starting with a blank canvas is often the most difficult part of any design project, and it’s our hope that these templates will inspire you to create a customized and professional website without writing any code.

Templates are available for license on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis, and can be bought out, meaning that the template will be unavailable for sale going forward.

Please enjoy the themes and customize them to your liking.  We encourage feedback and suggestions, and look forward to working with the Muse community to help build a better product.   

by Alex Wiley

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