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Announcing Our New Venture!

Our entire team is excited to introduce a new project that our team has been planning and building behind the scenes at MuseThemes. We’ve created a brand-new web design tool and training site focused on one goal: building websites without writing code, and without limitations.

by Steve Harris

Member Update - January 2018

Now that 2018 is here, we've got several big projects and new ideas underway - we're striving to make this our biggest year yet. Here's a look at the products and training we've added to your membership over the last few months, and some insight into our priorities for the new year.

by Steve Harris

Print vs. Web - 4 Important Technical Differences


Adobe Muse is the perfect web design tool for print designers to transition into web design. If you're new to web design from the print world, this guide will give you a quick rundown of the key differences between setting up files for print and web.

by Rachel Schoen

Adobe Muse Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Muse 2017 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

We’ve put together one big time-saving infographic for you to download – the 2017 Adobe Muse Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac and PC. Enjoy!

by Rachel Schoen – Free Widget & Overview

WisePops is an excellent service for delivering pop-ups to your site visitors, and we’ve been using them exclusively on the MuseThemes website since 2015. Integrating their service into Adobe Muse is very simple with our free widget; if you’re looking for pop-up functionality and targeting that goes beyond what simple Muse widgets can do, then WisePops may be right for you.

by Steve Harris

Design Feature - Free Font Roundup

Design Feature – Free Font Roundup

We've gathered some of the latest and greatest typefaces that are available for free on the web. In the collection below, you'll find fonts that are certain to add a range of styles to your library.

by Rachel Schoen

Muse 2018 Breakpoint Bug – Free Helper File Download

Breakpoint Bug Muse

If you’re seeing widgets hide or get stuck loading when you scale your browser across various breakpoints, you likely have encountered the breakpoint bug. Download this free helper file to fix the issue.

by Steve Harris

Design Feature - Free Seamless Patterns

Free Seamless Patterns

Enjoy this pack of 48 vector monochromatic geometric seamless patterns for tiling. These endless textures can be used for wallpapers, pattern fills, web page backgrounds, surface textures, as well as image overlays.

by Rachel Schoen

Design Feature - Top Free Photoshop Filters 2017

Top Free Photoshop Filters 2017

Adobe Photoshop Actions save you time in the photo-editing process and give your images a fresh new look and feel without all the heavy-lifting. Check out some of our personal favorites that are free for you to download.

by Rachel Schoen

New to Freelancing? An Intro to the Designer-Client Process

New to Freelancing? An Intro to the Designer-Client Process

If you just started freelancing, you might be realizing that you have so much more to consider than just good design. We laid out a few areas to keep in mind that will help your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

by Mackenzie Petursson

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