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Adobe Muse - Quick Video Tips

Straight to the point tutorial videos that answer common Muse questions.
Featured Video - Feb 14, 2018

Working with Breakpoints

This video takes a look at working in mobile breakpoints in Muse. Learn a few tricks and techniques that will help you make mobile layouts look great on any device!

Troubleshooting Background Video

Jan 12, 2018

Having trouble with background video? This Quick Tip video explores six fundamental steps for functional background video.

Contact Form Custom Labels

Dec 5, 2017

Are you receiving form emails with confusing "custom" form field responses? Our latest Quick Tip video shows how to use form labels to ensure that every form response is correctly identified in email notifications.

Troubleshooting Search Essentials

Nov 22, 2017

Are you having trouble getting results from the Search Essentials widget? In this Quick Tips video, we look at the two most common causes for trouble, and show you how to correct them in just seconds.

Customer Site - Missing Menu Problem

Nov 7, 2017

Using a real user site, learn how overlapping different vendor widgets can create unstable performance in Muse.

Fix "Missing Files" Error in 10 Seconds

Oct 17, 2017

Fix the dreaded “Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect” error in under 10 seconds - no widgets required!

Changing Icon Color in Muse

Oct 11, 2017

Learn how to change the color of .png icons directly in Muse, without the need to edit in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Custom HTML in Widgets

Oct 4, 2017

Push widgets further by using simple HTML tags in Muse panels. Control styling, modify layouts and more using this quick tip.

Pinning Elements

Sep 27, 2017

Learn the basics of pinning and how they affect Muse elements, and the difference between the two pinning tools available in Muse.

Animated Buttons Using Sprites

Sep 19, 2017

Add some excitement to your calls to action! This video explains how to use a single graphic to achieve a beautiful sprite rollover effect in Muse.

Font Family Usage in Widgets

Sep 6, 2017

Taking a look at the proper setup for using font families in widget settings panels, and the most common missed steps.

Navigating to Internal Pages & Anchors

Aug 29, 2017

A brief and concise look at how to navigate to your internal Muse pages and anchors in various navigation widgets requiring URL entries.

Muse 2017.1 Release

Aug 23, 2017

Here's the MuseThemes roundup of what's new in the Muse update, featuring some tips and suggestions for working with the new release.

Hyperlink Styles Explained

Aug 15, 2017

Are your text links underlined, or defaulting to blue and you have no idea why? Master hyperlinks with this short video.

Vertical Move Handle Tricks

Aug 3, 2017

Learn the hidden features behind this powerful tool that make working with single page websites a breeze.

Page Titles & SEO

July 26, 2017

Can’t figure out how to change the name of your site in the browser tab? Learn how to edit and simplify your page titles, which are an essential component of search engine optimization.

5 Essential SEO Tips for Adobe Muse Sites

Boost your rankings! Here are 5 essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that you should implement into your Adobe Muse website right away.

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