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Gallery Connect

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Gallery Connect

The Gallery Connect widget is incredibly powerful, and infinitely versatile. Instead of providing a single gallery look, we've included 7 unique galleries, sliders, and grids.

Like other widgets in our "Connect" series, this widgets utilizes CSV files, allowing for remote management of all images in the gallery, as well as video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and HTML5).

Note: If you're having trouble with hosted images, please see the 2nd and 3rd videos in the playlist for help.

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Easily Edited by Clients & Customers

In addition to remote management of gallery content, the Gallery Connect widget also uses CSV files for styling and setup – allowing the entire look, feel, and function to change in an instant. By including styling options in the CSV spreadsheet, we can offer more control than what is typically possible in Muse.

Preset options may include the ability to show / hide elements, change transitions, tweak spacing and much more (view a sample preset below). Style files also let us offer our users pre-styled skins, and allow you to make your own!

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a .csv file?

A .csv file is a basic spreadsheet file that can be edited in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or similar.

Should I use the web-based template, or the local file? What's the difference?

Ultimately, there's no difference in the functionality of the sidebar menu, whether you use the web template or the local template. Local files allow for traditional editing and backup in your favorite spreadsheet editor. The web template option allows for immediate remote updates for you or your client.

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