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Infiniscroll is a unique scroller that allows a single panorama-style image to pan across a web page in a smooth continuous motion. With support for image dimensions far wider than actual page width, Infiniscroll can be used as a clever display of products, concepts, or portfolio samples that have been stitched into a single image in Photoshop or other photo editors.

Multiple images can also be enabled, allowing Infiniscroll to act as a slideshow with a one-of-a-kind look. Customization options include captions, timing, vertical scroll and more.

Note: This widget works best when used with wide images. Images should be as wide as the browser used for viewing, otherwise cropping will occur. When using the Multi-Image mode, image dimensions should be consistent from image to image.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How did you create the parallax effect on the last sample in the live preview?

We used two stacked Infiniscroll widgets, set for opposite directions and using PNG files with transparency

Why do the timing settings seem to work differently in the two modes?
The two display modes have to be built very differently, and involve very different transition types and math calculations. In short, it's best to play with the timing settings until you're happy with the results

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