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Important Update to the Facebook Photo Albums Widget

A recent change to the Facebook Developers API has caused our Facebook Photo Albums to no longer display images. If you are using this widget in published sites, an immediate update is suggested. Read on for more details.
by Brandon Wallace Is Down - Here Are Other Hosting Options...

If you've used for image hosting with our Gallery Connect widget, you will need to take action to restore image links. This article shares several alternate hosting options.

by Brandon Wallace

Trick: Change the Color of Any .PNG Icon in Muse!

We're commonly asked if the color of .PNG icons can be changed in Muse. The answer is YES! We call it the "inner glow" trick, and we've been using it for years. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.
by Brandon Wallace

Having Trouble with Fonts? Try our Font Lookup Tool!

Font names must be entered manually using the correct CSS style name when using widgets. We've made a tool to simplify things a bit.
by Brandon Wallace

Using Surreal CMS With Adobe Muse - We'd Love To Hear Your Feedback

Surreal CMS is a simple and flexible content management system, compatible with Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst. Try it out and tell us what you think!
by Brandon Wallace

Introducing Our "Connect" Series of Remote-Manageable Widgets

Our Connect widgets are a revolutionary new series of widgets that give designers and their clients 
unlimited control and unmatched flexibility.
by Brandon Wallace

Legacy Widgets Are Being Dropped From Bundle Download

Starting Wednesday October 5th, the Legacy Widgets will no longer be included in the bundle download. Expect lighter, quicker downloads.
by Brandon Wallace

Two Widgets Temporarily Removed From Library

You may have noticed that a few of our widgets are missing from the website currently. Just a quick note to explain the reason
by Brandon Wallace

Pushy Panes: Alternative to Versa Slide

We suggest using the Pushy Panes widget in place of Versa Slide. This brief article explains why
by Brandon Wallace

Announcing MuseThemes Docs!

We've accumulated all of the great tips, tricks, and commonly asked questions from our user base across social media, forums, and product reviews and combined them in one place
by Brandon Wallace

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