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Adobe Muse Embed HTML Directory

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The websites in this list feature embeddable apps or widgets that have been tested with Adobe Muse.  Use them to add additional functionality to your website, outside of what is currently available within Muse. To use a 3rd party widget in this list, visit the website and "generate embed code". Simply paste your code into Muse!

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Blogs & Commenting

Nabble - http://www.nabble.com/

DISQUS - http://disqus.com/
(Resource or sample: http://kateandtomwedding.com/comment.html)

Contact Forms

Wufoo - http://www.wufoo.com
(Example / Resource: http://www.visualarms.com/contact.html)

JotForm - http://www.jotform.com
(Resource or sample: http://www.jotform.com/help/99-Adding-Form-to-Adobe-Muse)

Freedback - http://www.freedback.com/
(Resource or sample: http://blindspotimaging.com)

Coffee Cup Web Form Builder- http://www.coffeecup.com/web-form-builder/
(Resource or sample: http://www.stormridge.com/contact-us.html)

Foxyform - http://www.foxyform.com
(Resource or sample: http://johnnyball.com/#contact)

Countdown / Timers

CountingDownTo - http://www.countingdownto.com/
(Resource or sample: http://www.visualarms.com/store/sites/countdown/index.html)

ECommerce (Online Sales)

Wazala- http://www.wazala.com/?rid=2o01
(Resource or sample: http://www.visualarms.com/store/sites/lexington/ecommerce.html)

Ecwid - http://www.ecwid.com/
(Resource or sample: http://kb.ecwid.com/w/page/49244914/Adobe%20Muse)

Sellfy - http://sellfy.com
(Resource or sample: http://thecoffeechop.com/workshop.html)

Gumroad - https://gumroad.co
(Resource or sample: https://gumroad.com/how-it-works)

Cashie Commerce - https://cashiecommerce.com/
(Resource or sample: http://www.connectedgoods.com/)


Nabble - http://www.nabble.com/
(Resource or sample: http://www.visualarms.com/store/sites/lexington/forum.html)

Media & Audio

Reverb Nation (Audio Widgets) - http://blog.reverbnation.com/2012/08/24/new-html5-widgets-show-schedule-press-and-video-player/
(Resource or sample: http://www.tripcrystals.com/)

Cincopa - http://www.cincopa.com/
(Resource or sample: http://www.tindalltrips.com/home.html)

Vimeo (Video) - http://vimeo.com/
(Resource or sample: http://shinesquad.com/)

Issuu (Embedded documents) - http://issuu.com/explore
(Resource or sample: http://issuu.com/services/customize/samplethemes.html)

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