A unique scroller that allows for continuous panning of panorama-style images


A powerful, fluid timeline with realtime dynamic updates


Randomize images on every page load

Cinch Slideshow

A simple and versatile responsive slideshow

SHOW - Responsive Video Suite

A collection of fully responsive video tools - galleries, players & backgrounds.

Interactive Scale

Make ordinary elements interesting with scaling transitions on hover or click

Countdown Clock 2.0

A flexible countdown timer with text and circle formats.

Motor Menu

Add transitions and off-canvas functionality to the stock Muse menus 

Mumblr - Blog Content

A Tumblr blog integration widget with full SEO support and easy setup

Pushy Panes

Add fully customizable off-canvas slide-in panels to any site

SoftBox Gallery

A beautiful lightbox gallery perfect for portfolios or case studies


Turn normal text into compelling animated headlines

PDF Viewer

Embed a PDF viewer to display documents directly in your Adobe Muse website

Flickr Photo Gallery

Easily integrate your Flickr photo collection into your Muse site

Google Calendar

Add a custom Google Calendar for easy syncing of events for site visitors

Pick a Date

Add date & time selection functionality to stock Muse forms

Selz Ecommerce

Create a quick & easy online shop with the Selz Ecommerce Widget

Scrolling Content Boxes

Apply a customized scrollbar to Muse elements like text boxes and state buttons

Custom Cursor

Create your own custom cursor using your icon of choice

Dynamic Slide

Utilize the Ken Burns effect by adding subtle pan & zoom to still images within a slideshow

Accordion Hover

Add the option of hover navigation to the Accordion Panel widget

Google Analytics

Ensure that your Google Analytics tracking ID is properly embedded into your site's HTML

Facebook Photo Albums

Create an image gallery fed by a Facebook business album of your choice

Presentation Panels

Create beautiful, fullscreen snap-scrolling panel layouts


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