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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use themes and widgets on multiple websites? Absolutely! Once you download a template or widget, you may use it to build as many personal or commercial websites as you wish. Please note, however, that resale or distribution of our products is not permitted.

What's the difference between a monthly and annual membership? Nothing at all. Both memberships include all of the same benefits, just with a different pricing term. We know it's often easier for businesses to make annual purchases, and for users working on a single project to subscribe for just a few months.

Will my pricing ever change? Never, we promise. If you have a membership with MuseThemes, you will keep your original rate for as long as you continue to renew. We have loyal members grandfathered in for over five years!

Can I cancel? What will happen? You can cancel anytime within our billing portal, although we work extremely hard to ensure you won’t want to. All of the products you downloaded will continue to work even after you cancel (although you won't have access to new products or updates).

What is your refund policy? We want to ensure you only use MuseThemes because it is best for you. We honor all refund requests within 14 days, no questions asked.

Can I change pricing plans later on? Definitely! We address these situations on a case by case basis. Send us a note and we can easily adjust your billing term.

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