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Using Surreal CMS With Adobe Muse - We'd Love To Hear Your Feedback

Surreal CMS is a well established content management system that is fully compatible with Muse. This is a third party system, built outside of MuseThemes, and one we're excited about.

Surreal is simple and flexible, and provides a number of benefits that Muse users may find very useful. Here are just a few:

  • Inline Editing - Surreal's inline editor is a powerful yet comfortable way to make edits directly in your browser.
  • Version Control / Revisions - Monitor changes made to the site, and rollback to any old version within the last six months.
  • User Management / Permissions - Add multiple users to edit websites, control permissions and lock down content areas you don't want editable.
  • White Labeling - Add your logo and change the Surreal theme in seconds. Present your clients with a branded CMS without mention of Muse.
  • Compatibility - Works on any site, new or existing. Even works great with Business Catalyst.
  • Read our Surreal overview article to learn more about what's possible when using Surreal with Adobe Muse.

We've created a new members-only 7 part Surreal training series designed to get you experimenting with the system.

There is a great deal more we can do to expand on Surreal in Adobe Muse. We'd love to know what you think! Join the conversation on our forum.

Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace / Boise, ID

Brandon Wallace, esteemed Widget Master, started with MuseThemes in 2014. He manages all of our widgets – new and old – all while maintaining an unflinching commitment to food, music, and craft beer.


Patrick Bruchs
Patrick Bruchs

I am super excited about the SurrealCMS system. I have not been able to get it to link to my Adobe BC account (I found BC instructions here:
Please help; I have at least 4 customers that will welcome this new SurrealCMS functionality.

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