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What Is Adobe Muse? Web Design Software Overview

Adobe Muse is a type of website builder software that enables you to design your website rather than develop it. It enables users to create gorgeous, responsive websites without ever having to touch a line of code.

Adobe Muse is part of a suite of creative software available for a monthly subscription fee called Creative Cloud. These apps, which cover a wide range of categories from photo and video editors to web development programs, are among the most popular solutions for creatives around the world.


No Code Experience Necessary

Building a website shouldn’t be difficult. In an age where virtually every brand and professional needs to have some online presence, having a website is practically a must. Unfortunately, most web development software requires its users to have at least a basic understanding of web-specific development languages such as HTML and CSS. This is where companies and individuals often spend countless dollars on web developers that may or may not be able to deliver something that fits your vision. If you don’t know the programming languages they used to develop your website, you’re often at their mercy when you want to make even the most minor of changes.

This is where Adobe Muse comes in. It enables you to create a complete website without ever having to worry about the code behind it. It simplifies the work, enabling you to concentrate on building a beautiful website rather than the headache that comes with building one in a text editor.

If you know Photoshop or InDesign, Adobe Muse will come naturally to you. In fact, the team that created Adobe Muse was largely comprised of many of the same folks behind InDesign.

In a world where companies are beginning to turn to their in-house designers to take on web development work in addition to their regular tasks, this is a big plus. Using Adobe Muse, the designer could create a functioning website that meets most of their needs in minutes rather than days.


Infinitely Expandable

In the past: If you wanted to add a cool feature to your site that wasn’t a part of the program’s built-in presets, you would need a developer to step in and create it. Adobe Muse enables users to deploy prebuilt themes and widgets that make it easy to add advanced features to their website.

Want to start with a new theme? There are a number of great resources to find them, including MuseThemes has dozens of rich, modern themes for Adobe Muse that you can use to hit the ground running with a great design to customize your site from.

Once you've started building a site in Muse, adding widgets to your layout is a great way to extend the functionality of your website. Widgets allow Muse users to easily include galleries, video, slideshows, and more.

Like themes, Adobe Muse allows users to find great widgets that add extraordinary functionality to their website with ease. MuseThemes, for example, has over 150 widgets you can download and add to Adobe Muse. This makes Muse a program that not only gives you extraordinary website creation power out of the gate, but that can expand and become an all-in-one web design software powerhouse.

You can add other bits and pieces to your site very easily. This includes images, transition effects, self-hosted fonts, and more - empowering you to create a website that is true to your vision.


Easy to Learn

Perhaps the single most important consideration for anyone approaching a new type of software is how easy it is to learn. This is where Adobe Muse has a clear advantage over most of the web development software solutions out there.

Because it doesn’t require any code knowledge, you can jump in and start creating a website right away. The software itself has an intuitive interface - especially if you have previous experience using professional design programs such as Affinity Designer, CorelDRAW, and other Adobe apps of course. is a great resource for learning about Adobe Muse. There are tons of great tutorials there to uncover ways to use Adobe muse for beginners and experts alike.

MuseThemes also has a full library of useful video tutorials that help you take Adobe Muse even further. MuseThemes is made up of a team of dedicated professionals that work almost exclusively with Adobe Muse and can share valuable tips and tricks to help you get more done, faster.


A Powerful Website Builder Built for the Modern Web

Responsive web design is a big deal right now. In the past, you would need to create two versions of your website in order to be able to provide a native user experience on phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Today, websites can be built to easily transform to perfectly fit whatever web browser they’re on. Depending on the width of the page, you can use Adobe Muse’s powerful responsive design system to hide or display different widgets, adjust visual effects, and more. This is a great time-saving tool. You can create one website with drag-and-drop simplicity in Adobe Muse that works across virtually every device it would be viewed on.

Whether your website vision includes big, bold background images or playful animations, Adobe Muse has you covered.


Who is Adobe Muse for?

Adobe Muse is a great fit for a wide variety of users. It’s a useful tool in the toolbox of advanced web developers that want to quickly assemble a functional website, small businesses that want to expand on their web presence, and individuals looking to create a portfolio or online resume.

Print designers, artists, and other visual professionals can use Adobe Muse to expand their services into the world of online media. Print designers in particular might look to transition into website design so that they can offer clients a more complete range of services. This will be an easy transition for print designers familiar with InDesign (a print app).

If you’re the type of person that loves diving into the code behind a website, and you prefer to crack open a text editor and make changes directly to the code yourself, then Adobe Muse may not be the best option for you.

That said, Adobe Muse is a perfect match for anyone that wants to create a modern, feature-rich website without having to spend the days, weeks, or months it would take to learn and apply the techniques required to hand-code it.

It enables virtually everyone to have control over their website’s layout, design, and functionality while focusing on the one thing that really matters: building a great experience.


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