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WireFrame Pack 6 - Neon

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The Neon WireFrame features a news site layout that's ideal for magazines, clubs or blogs. Use a full screen background image to add depth and interest to your articles and text blocks.

Note: The tutorial video below is a general overview of the WireFrame product series. All techniques discussed in the video may be applied to any WireFrame.

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Wireframes have been used in website design for many years to act as blueprints or frameworks representing the layout of a website. These wireframe layouts leave out graphics, typographic styling and and colors in order to be updated quickly and easily.

Wireframes are great for teams, as well as designers looking to provide a functional rough draft to clients. These fully responsive layouts can be re-arranged very quickly as needed. Once finalized, wireframes can easily be turned into completed websites by replacing placeholder images and text copy.

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