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Member Update - December 2016

musethemes member update dec 2016 


November Recap

New Products & Benefits

  • Age Verification – New widget offering website access restriction based on birth date. Updated mid-November to include language options and other features based on user requests.

  • Photo Filters – New widget that allows you to apply photo filters (black and white, sepia, etc.) to placed images using CSS. This saves you from having to use separate images for rollovers and reduces load speed.

  • Stack: Move – Fitness-inspired Stack featuring our OnLoad Animator widget, adding subtle motion effects.

  • Surreal CMS Training Series – A complete training series outlining how to integrate the third party CMS system, "Surreal," into Adobe Muse sites.

  • 6 new and updated product tutorial videos.

HTTPS Transition
– You may not have noticed, but we also transitioned the entire MuseThemes site to HTTPS this month (rather than just payment / checkout pages). This improves site security and better complies with Google's recommendations for the future. All MuseThemes links will now redirect to the https version, and display a valid lock symbol in the address bar.

Team MuseThemes Max

Adobe MAX – The MuseThemes team attended Adobe MAX in November, where we had a chance to catch up with the Adobe team and make some requests to the future development of the product. Fingers crossed we see some of these additions in the following year! We did also manage to have some fun while we were at it (and nearly die surfing).

    Existing Product Improvements:

    We pushed out a ton of product updates this month!


    December Projects & Priorities

    (please note priorities and projects are subject to change)

    New Projects:

    • Compose Theme – A single page responsive theme, perfect for text content-rich websites. This one feels a little less artistic and more utilitarian than our other themes, and works well for clients without a wide selection of imagery or photos to work with.

    • Chart Connect – 1 of 3 new Connect series widgets under development, Chart Connect lets you create beautiful bar, pie and line graphs using a linked Google Sheet.

    • Content Connect (BETA) – We're aiming to push out a beta release of our Content Connect widget before Christmas, which is designed to create articles and text content using our Connect system. This one is exciting but complex, and we may push the beta release to the new year if quality concerns arise.

    • Table Connect (BETA) – Table Connect will use our spreadsheet integration system to pull in data tables in a slick Muse format. Stay tuned for this beauty.


    Final Thoughts

    Looking Back – 2016 Releases

    Wow, it's hard to believe another year has passed! 2016 was an epic and crazy year for Adobe Muse, with the introduction of responsive design. Responsive Muse certainly introduced some challenges to our business, causing unexpected widget behavior and interesting (...infuriating) development obstacles to find our way around. It took a few months, but we've now got a good handle on responsive and how to develop seamless widgets going forward.

    Thanks for sticking with us through this transition and giving us time to adapt to the new version. I'm proud to say in 2016 we released the following:

    • 12 Themes
    • 21 Widgets
    • 4 Stacks
    • 92 Widget Updates
    • 70 videos, including two full training series

    We sent an email update every single week this year, with the exception of our Adobe MAX conference week. This totals over 2.6 million emails to Muse users just like you.


    Looking Forward – 2017 Planning & Survey

    With 2017 fast approaching, we're sitting down to plan our goals and release calendar for the upcoming year.

    For several years now we've done a Customer Survey at Christmas to get some feedback from our users on products they would like us to build, and the areas we could improve. We always donate $1 from every completed survey to charity, and your responses this year will push us over $10,000 donated to charities for children.

    Watch for our annual survey to hit your inbox within the next week. It's quick, taking only 5 minutes to fill out. Each response is reviewed closely, so if you're dying for a particular product here is a great chance to get it on our radar (plus donate to charity!).

    Lastly, our team will be taking some time off over Christmas to rest up, build new products and "get pumped" about the year ahead. We will continue to offer product support over the holidays, however there will be no new product releases between Dec 21 and Jan 4.

    That’s a wrap for 2016! Thanks for another great year, and for your continued support. Happy holidays from the team at MuseThemes, and we hope you have a great holiday break.

    High five!

    Steve Harris
    Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

    Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.


    Chipp Walters
    Chipp Walters

    Sounds great. Looking forward to the new Connect widgets to create a full blown Dashboard!

    Melissa Ramke
    Melissa Ramke

    When I first started with Muse, I subscribed to every Muse-related service/tool provider I could find. Now, about a year later, yours is the only one to which I still subscribe, and still benefit from immensely. Looking forward to more greatness to come from you, Musethemes!

    Jacques Bergeron
    Jacques Bergeron

    Hi Steve.
    I’m a fan of Muse-Themes. Very interesting, helpful and great resource.
    Best regards.
    Jacques a french Canadian from Quebec.
    I’m sorry, my english is so so … but i work Hard

    Jamie Townsend
    Jamie Townsend

    Long time member, I sure love these updates!!

    Other Muse sites put out a widget or theme every few months, and you guys give us something each week. There is no comparison, MuseThemes is the way to go if you’re using Muse. Can’t wait for more Connect widgets… my clients love them!! I see some other sites starting to rip you off on connect spreadsheet stuff, pretty pathetic.

    Timon Bauer
    Timon Bauer

    Great Job steve. Thanks for all.
    Have a wunderfull Christmas.
    Greetings from Germany

    Devin Dreher
    Devin Dreher

    Can you talk a little about your content connect? What is the “connect system?”

    Steve @ MuseThemes
    Steve @ MuseThemes

    @Devin – our Connect series are widgets powered by Google services (Sheets, Drive, etc.). We’re working on expanding this line to do some really cool things. I can’t say much about Content Connect yet since we’re still working on it, but if things go as I’m hoping it will be pretty revolutionary for adding content outside of Muse. Fingers crossed!

    You can find more info about Connect here >

    Cheers ~SH

    Scott Weber
    Scott Weber

    Is it possible to have a Membership Directory widget based on the Connect series that would include the ability to add images, name, business name, addresses, contact info, a map, etc. Just an idea but I have had several organizations and businesses request an in-house editable list for members and teams.

    Dennis Kuipers
    Dennis Kuipers

    Great works guys keep it up in 2017 and have a great one

    Dennis Kuipers

    A very happy customer


    hi! congrats and thanks for all that nice work. we like producing sites with muse (including your widgets), but always have the same SEO and google tasks from our clients. we then do things manually but maybe it would be an idea to implement widgets for all that htaccess entries like gzip, http/www as well as for js/css loading priorities and advanced SEO? my own experience over the last 2 years say that these things can be a reason for not using muse, and people with no coding experience may have problems fullfillig customers’ needs. just an idea, maybe not creative but useful. best sascha

    Ariel Almonte
    Ariel Almonte

    MuseThemes you guys are amazing. Thank you for always trying to do new things and push Muse to another level. For the new year, I would love to see something that changes muse sites into WordPress Themes. There is another company called responsive muse that just came out with it, but I’d rather wait to you guys create something of your own. Anyways…..Thanks and I look forward to what you guys create next. Thanks

    Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    I find Muse Themes invaluable and the video on responsive design was a massive help. I can see connect has endless possibilities and I look forward to more widgets next year. Great job Thanks

    Frank Heckert
    Frank Heckert

    Melissa – I totally agree. MuseThemes is the best. Keep up the good work (I’m sure you will)!

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