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Cinch Slideshow is a simple and versatile responsive slideshow. We built this widget from the ground-up to work seamlessly in responsive Muse – drop it once and resize as needed across any breakpoint.

Choose from fullscreen, full width, and constrained views. Custom options include captions, pagination, autoplay, transition control and more. Swipe control is automatically applied to small breakpoints for touch devices.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a way to add links or thumbnails to slides?

We will be developing a more powerful slideshow option in the future which can incorporate advanced features. The idea for the Cinch Slider is to be simple, clean and light.

I've enabled the "Fullscreen" setting in the widget options panel, but the slideshow isn't previewing fullscreen in the browser.

The widget also needs to be set to full browser width in Muse design mode in order to display fullscreen.

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