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Versa Slide

This widget integrates a slick fullscreen page display system, complete with custom slide-in animation. Create beautiful fullscreen navigation pages, forms, product images, restaurant menus, ads, catalogs, galleries, and more.  Use your choice of a custom class button, or the clever built-in animated default option. To provide absolute control over the look of your sliding page display system, the design is handled in a separate page in your project – easily linked in the widget option panel.

Note: This widget is no longer supported. Due to various changes with Muse architecture over recent version updates, along with conflicts when used with other widgets that control page positioning, we have deprecated this widget.

We suggest using Pushy Panes instead of Versa Slide. Pushy Panes was built to include the fullscreen functionality of Versa Slide, along with many more features. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

When I click on a link within the menu, it seems that the new page loads inside of the menu area.

This bug was corrected in version 11.3. If you are experiencing this issue, please download the widget again from this page.

I love this widget, but don't want the menu to go full screen.
If you are looking for a pane or panel solution, check out our Pushy Panes widget - the size of the panel is fully customizable:

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