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Pushy Panes is a highly versatile tool which allows users to add slide-in panels to any website. The pane content is completely customizable, allowing for supreme versatility - create panes for nav, menus, tooltips, contact areas, hidden footers/headers and more.

Support for multiple instances means you can utilize panes for several unique purposes on the same page. A full compliment of options allow for custom control of pane size (any size you like - all the way up to full screen), blur/color overlay, transition speed, and cover/push content settings.

Note: This is a powerful widget that takes control of page positioning, and may conflict with other fullscreen or location-specific elements. We do not recommend combining it with Versa Slide, Presentation Panels, Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery, Media Pro, Fullscreen Video Backgrounds, SHOW Video Backgrounds and scroll effects.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why does every line of text in my Pushy Pane menu transition to the text rollover state color at the same time when I'm just hovering over one line of text?

State buttons are purposefully designed to trigger everything placed inside of them at the same time. This means that any time you hover over a state button, you will transition every element within into its rollover state. An easy way to avoid this is to use state buttons for your individual lines of text, linked buttons, or menu items. When a state button is placed inside of a state button, the inner button is not triggered by the state button in which it is placed. So put simply, if you are going to create for example, "home", "about", and "contact" buttons in your child pane, create the buttons using separate state buttons instead of text boxes.

Pushy Panes isn't working with the Fullscreen Video Backgrounds widget! 

Our Pushy Panes widget offers two pane open style options: cover content and push content. The push content setting is not compatible with fullscreen elements. This includes widgets like Fullscreen Video Backgrounds, Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery, and Fullscreen Fruit. While the push setting is not compatible, the cover setting will work great with all fullscreen elements.   

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