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Since site navigation is a fundamental part of every website, the Horizontal and Vertical Menus built into Muse are probably the most highly-used widgets packaged with the app. Our Motor Menu widget allows users to add some very cool new functionality to the built-in Muse Menus.

You can now build your nav menu as you like, but keep it hidden off-canvas until opened using our default hamburger menu button, or custom button of choice. Slide-in transitions work great from top, bottom, left, or right. Customization options include easing, timing, background overlay colors, and more. Makes great mobile & tablet navs too!

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Commonly Asked Questions

How did you make the round icon-based buttons in your preview?

We made round menu buttons by adding corner radius to the standard menu items, then cranking up the radius value. To create the icons, we opened the menu options and disabled labels, and enabled "Show Left Icons". Finally, we filled the icon container with the icons of our choice.

How can I make the menu appear dead-center, like your "example 2" in the preview?

When custom positioning is disabled, the menu will automatically center along the Y axis. So placing the positioning widget about halfway up the site will position the menu dead center.

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