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Instructions - SoundCloud Widgets

Use our SoundCloud widgets to integrate the SoundCloud players directly into your Muse website. Players embedded using this tool are mobile friendly and work in all major browsers.

Instructions for Use

STEP 1 - Drag the widget out onto the page where you wish to place your Audio Player widgets.

STEP 2 - Click the blue widget options button, and enter in your details as follows:

WIDGET COLOR (small player only) - Enter a color value in HEX format. Use this to match the widget player buttons and style to the background of your website.

TRACK ID# - Enter the track ID of the song you wish to stream from SoundCloud.
You can find the track ID# using the following steps:

  • Select a SoundCloud Track
  • Click the "Share" button
  • Select "Embed" from the top menu. The embed code will reveal the ID number of the song, as illustrated below:


The SoundCloud player must be previewed in the browser for an accurate preview. Click FILE > Preview Page in Browser to open a new version in your browser of choice.


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