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Instructions - Auto Redirect Widget

When placed on a page in your Muse website, the MuseThemes Auto Redirect widget will automatically forward users to a different page on the site (or an external webpage).  You can control the timing of the redirect, so users can be instantly forwarded or delayed a set number of seconds.

What can I do with this widget?

This widget can be really helpful when creating unique "structured" links on your website. For example, pretend that you want to send someone a short / concise link that looks like this:

In order for this link to work, you would need a website that contains a subfolder called "join", along with an index.html file within that folder. But what happens if your "join" page already exists in a longer location, such as:

You can use our widget on a blank page that exists in the correct location, and simply redirect visitors to the longer link automatically. If the delay is set to 0 seconds, users won't even notice they were forwarded.

Instructions for Use

STEP 1 - Drag the widget out onto the page you wish to place the redirect

STEP 2 - Click the widget flyout option (blue arrow).  Set the URL you would like visitors redirected to, along with the time delay. Suggestion - try redirecting to for testing purposes.

STEP 3 - Preview the page in your browser.



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