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Mind Those Resize Settings!

As you probably know, responsive Muse outputs HTML code quite differently from the older non-responsive Muse. One way in which responsive Muse affects the functionality of MuseThemes widgets is in responsive resizing.

Many of our widgets are required to treat certain things as fixed elements in order to work as intended. When these elements are set to responsive resizing, this can produce very unexpected results. Many users have reported instances of headline text displaying vertically in Headliner, or strange results when previewing Flipping Boxes in browser. This happens because Muse uses "Responsive Width" as the default setting for any new element - such as headline text in Headliner, or rectangles in Flipping Boxes. To make sure you don't run into problems in these situations, set the Resizing dropdown option to "None".

This can happen with a number of widgets. It doesn't mean the widget is "broken" or needs to be updated. Some widgets just have to be built a certain way in order to work. If you see strange behavior from a widget, try experimenting with this little tip!



Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace / Boise, ID

Brandon Wallace, esteemed Widget Master, started with MuseThemes in 2014. He manages all of our widgets – new and old – all while maintaining an unflinching commitment to food, music, and craft beer.



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