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Design Feature – Reviews Connect Alternate Uses

Reviews Connect Widget – Alternate Uses

Here at MuseThemes, we try to build widgets that can work for a wide variety of projects. For this design feature, we decided to push the boundaries of one of our latest fully-responsive releases – Reviews Connect.

Reviews Connect is a powerful reviews widget that can be updated remotely with Google Sheets (by you or your client). Because it's packed with features and offers so much functionality – we wanted to demonstrate how to further stylize this widget for more than it's original, intended use.

By taking advantage of the multiple layout options built into the widget – including List, Carousel and Grid views – the options for alternate use are very diverse and almost endless. We narrowed it down to a few styles that are quite common: Services, Team, Client Testimonials, and Sponsors. Check out the demo link below:


Hopefully, these new styles inspire you to utilize Reviews Connect for your next project.

Reviews Connect – Alternate Uses

Rachel Schoen
Rachel Schoen / Pittsburgh, PA

Rachel works as an ultra-talented designer for MuseThemes. She has done everything from branding, to print, to web in her professional life, while still saving time for her personal loves: music and her SIX pets.



This seams very similar to the gallery connect options you’ve made previously. The ability to connect easily via client side is what makes this a great option.

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