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MuseThemes Team – Our Favorite Fonts

Typeface-choice is no joke; it sets the tone for any project: print or web. Your font reinforces your brand and helps give your content personality, so choosing the right one forges that immediate connection with your customers. The perfect font can give your content structure and make reading easier – setting your project up for success right off the bat.

Along with these effects on your content, typeface also gives you a glimpse into the soul of the designer that picked it. Every designer has a few go-to typefaces for their projects and ours are no different; take a look at our team’s faves!



With so many great fonts out there, I will have to go with Lust for my favorite. This family contains such a diverse set, giving you an option for any project, and many of them are available for download right in the Muse Typekit. Within the family, Lust Script wins my vote. As a heavy-weighted script it is incredibly unique, and almost always looks great as a headline. This typeface is also perfect for bloggers – the perfect go-to for making your headlines stand out.

Christopher - Didot

I have never found a serif more elegant than Didot. It’s easy to achieve a great traditional look chalk full of personality, or loosen the kerning for a sleek fashionista feeling headline.

Kevin - Calibre

I’ve used many fonts throughout various projects over the years, but I find myself returning to the simplicity and sophistication of Calibre. A very professional typeface, it includes unique embellishments that give it character while remaining straightforward enough to be appropriate for nearly any project. Calibre also features a wide range of font weights allowing you to achieve a very different look feel between thin and bold uses.

Steve - Gotham

I’ve always liked Gotham because it’s simple, clean and very strong (especially in all caps). It’s got a huge family full of options and variations, from super thin to rounded, narrow and web optimized screensmart. Most people have seen Gotham in their day to day lives, as it’s been used in many major public campaigns including Obama’s 08 “change” presidential campaign and the Saturday Night Live intro.  It also works great as building signage or large-scale advertising because of its wide, geometric letters.

Rachel - Neutra

I love the geometry of Neutra — I find myself gravitating to it time and time again, because there is so much variety within the family. (Speaking of families, here is a fun fact: I worked with the typeface designer's younger brother at an architecture firm in Boston. Could be one of the many reasons I feel a strong affinity for this font.)

Norman - Helvetica

There is a reason this is a fan favorite for many designers and I am no different. The clean lines, easy readability, and flexibility of Helvetica make it easy to use for many different projects. From projects that need to be easy on the eyes to those that need to be loud and proud, Helvetica has a weight to cover any situation.

Arifin - Open Sans

Open Sans is one of the most widely used and popular in web design. I love a simple typeface and always use Open Sans for my various projects. It's subtle, simple, and versatile with various font weights.

Mackenzie - Le Havre

I am a words girl. Writing and reading are the two things I care most about; so while I don’t spend much time considering typeface for my own designs, I am so receptive to the different effects a typeface can have on any content. Le Havre is so clean, but injects so much personality, and even though Le Havre is super-slim, it still has such an impact.

DJ - Museo Sans

I use Museo Sans quite a bit. It is easy to read and plays well with other typefaces, making it an easy choice for any project. This is the perfect middle-of-the-road typeface and gives you a clean look.

Ashton - Raleway

I love that it's simplistic in nature. It’s not overly stylish and doesn't try too hard, but it's got an elegance to it that I find works with tons of different website styles, especially ones that have more of a minimalist touch. And with varying sizes and thicknesses, it works beautifully as a header or for body text.

Darian - Roboto

I’m a big fan of sans-serif typefaces. I’m drawn to Roboto because of its versatility. It’s a really clean, safe font that you can use for almost any situation. Google just knows how to make a good font!

Mackenzie Petursson
Mackenzie Petursson / Calgary, Canada

Mackenzie Petursson started at MuseThemes in 2014 when she ditched that corporate life in favor of working in her sweatpants. Obsessed with people, words, and grammar (in that order), Mackenzie works as the Communications/Support Specialist.


Bull Garlington
Bull Garlington

I love Gotham!


Thanks, always nice to see our taste confirmed


FREEDOM : this could be the name of my favorite typeface. In fact, freedom of choice is definitely the go-to in every situation. Depending on the project, being able to switch to the best typeface-option you can find on earth and in the web is quite a lot of what design is about. And sometimes, it’s not even only a matter of style – you also have to deal with technical and financial restrictions. Wouldn’t it be cool to hold all the aces? We’ve currently got 3 aces in MUSE : “Typekit Web Fonts”, “Edge Web Fonts”, “Self hosted Webfonts”. What if MUSETHEMES could bring the missing ace into the game? It’s time for a “REMOTE HOSTED WEBFONTS” widget. Imagine you could include any typefaces (yeah, also those from that exclusive foundry!) from any Webfonts Services out there…

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