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Adobe Muse Responsive - New MuseThemes Products & Pricing

It’s been a long 4 months since Adobe announced responsive design was coming to Adobe Muse, with an early 2016 release date.

Well last we checked early 2016 had arrived, and we’re so excited about what we’ve got coming your way. Our entire team has been working day and night (consuming only coffee and cookies) to prep our new products and get you up to speed quickly with Responsive Adobe Muse.

We’re also implementing a new pricing structure for future members. Don’t worry though, all of our current members will keep their original pricing – we will always honor our agreement with you. As long as you renew your membership, your original membership rate is grandfathered in.

It’s time to get excited – here’s what we’ve got in store!



Adobe Muse: Responsive Design Made Easy


Between MuseThemes training and my past work for, I’ve probably recorded over 1,000 screencast training videos. With that said, I’m most proud of my new responsive series. It’s fun and casual, to the point, and it covers responsive Muse in-depth. Chapters include an overview of all interface changes in Muse, an outline of how the responsive menu options work, and most importantly our top five “Golden Rules” – essential design tips to save you a ton of time and headaches with responsive Muse.


I’ve also included a chapter called “How It’s Made” – a four-part series explaining how to implement real world responsive techniques, along with members-only demo files so you can learn by doing.

 The team at MuseThemes was lucky to receive early access to Muse and I’m excited to share everything we’ve learned over the last several months with our members. We want you to be successful with the new Muse, and that’s the driving force behind producing this extensive series.



Widgets Reimagined

New Widgets / Updated Tools

Our developer Kevin (kevlar dev) and widget product manager Brandon (brando) have had their hands full re-engineering our current widgets. Aside from the fact that we have over 100 of them, Responsive Muse presents some interesting challenges. Without getting too technical (and breaking our non-disclosure), we’ve ensured all of our current widgets are compatible with the new version, and have even implemented fully responsive functionality in many of our most popular tools.

We’ve also taken advantage of great new widget option panel features in Responsive Muse. Gone are the days of limited options and panels that extend off the top and bottom of the page. Get ready for extensive customization controls in all of our new widgets AND our existing ones, as we go through and add exciting new options.

Of course we couldn’t leave you without something new to play with right out of the gate. We’ve got a couple of amazing responsive widgets ready to rock, that will set the new standard for responsive third-party widgets in Muse. Kudos to Kevin and Brandon!



Themes, Stacks, and Skins

Flexible and EASY to edit

Through an immense effort led by our art director, Christopher (kristoph), we’re ready to deliver a beautiful new responsive Muse theme perfect for featuring any portfolio, along with some exciting new options. Starting with this first portfolio template, our themes will now come with “skins,"  – or alternate styles – that demonstrate the true flexibility of our layouts. Built first as a simple wireframe (which is also available), our new responsive themes are lightweight, much faster to edit, and easier to use for a variety of businesses. Perfect for your client or personal sites!


Next, a few weeks after the responsive launch we are shipping an experimental product called Stacks. Stacks are responsive Muse content blocks, that can be combined to build a full site very quickly. Using a pre-defined breakpoint system, you can drag a header, content area, or footer stack into your site, and restyle it to match your brand.

We’re stoked about Stacks, and we hope you are too.


New Membership Pricing

$69 ONE-TIME fee & $9/MONTH

MuseThemes is a membership website – we have never sold single widgets. We truly believe there is great value in creating a community of like-minded Muse designers, who produce and build high-quality products and training materials. Our customer support team (consisting of six super talented people) is here to ensure that you’re successful working with our product and Muse in general. 

This is a product that we will maintain for you. Our widgets, training videos, and themes are constantly updated and all of our new products are built based on our member requests. There are huge benefits to letting someone else handle the heavy lifting – just look at sites like Airbnb, where you can vacation in luxury without the costs of home upkeep and ownership. If you use our products you’re not alone, and you can lean on us for support to help your business grow.

Starting in February 2016, our prices will change from a flat annual fee, to a $69 up-front membership payment and a $9 monthly subscription. Here are the details:

  • The $69 initiation fee gives you immediate access to our current library of products and training – you can download everything and cancel immediately after if you wish (and keep everything you have downloaded).
  • The $9 monthly fee continues your access to all of our future products and training, as well some new goodies we're cooking up – live training webinars, wireframes, theme skins and of course, all of our awesome new widgets.
  • Active members will receive priority support - we will continue to help everyone, however a perk of the membership is faster ticket response times.
  • You will never be charged the initiation fee again as long as you keep your subscription active.

Keep everything you download - no strings attached!


This pricing change does not apply to existing members! We entered an agreement at a specific price and we will never change that. As long as you renew your membership, you will always receive your original signup price with no strings attached (you're grandfathered in).


We hope you’re as excited about the future as we are – thanks again for supporting!


~ Steve Harris


Steve Harris
Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.


John Huling
John Huling

What if you just paid for a one year? (renewed)
I don’t like monthly. Can I just pay annually

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