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Our Favorite Adobe Muse Themes of 2015

This time of year makes a person reminisce, doesn’t it? While taking stock of how each of our libraries have grown, the MuseThemes team got onto the topic of favorite templates. Uncover each person’s pick for best theme and why it gets their vote!



Nominated by: Steve Harris

I’m a big fan of our latest template release, Enlight. Call me a traditional designer, but I still love a simple top navigation, large hero image and three column content grid below. Perhaps it’s my business owner-mentality, but I like to do things as efficiently as possible – including browsing a website. Time is precious, and in this crazy world of widgets, animations, and off-canvas elements, sometimes it’s refreshing to see a website just sit still and look great. Enlight truly is versatile and could be restyled to work for any type of business – that’s why it gets my vote!





Nominated by: Brandon Wallace 

Most of our themes are nice to look at... But Fresh just sort of slaps a smile on your face the moment you preview it. The image-forward design is just fantastic for sites that don't require tons of copy, and have the great imagery to pull it off. The great use of negative space gives the theme a great feel of airiness, while the Versa Slide widget-based nav system keeps things uncluttered.





Nominated by:  Mackenzie Campbell 

Although I don’t spend much time working directly in Muse (I am a word aficionado, not a designer), I get to know each and every one of our themes quite well. Repose was a fast favorite of mine – it’s feminine, simple, and steeped in delicate features. As well, on any site I am first drawn to photos and Repose offers the perfect place for them in the home page grid layout.





Nominated by:  Christopher Watson 

I really enjoy the interactive elements in Litigate. The flyout panels on the home page lend themselves to stylishly displaying a healthy amount of content that encourages exploration and takes the boring out of a business class website.





Nominated by:  Kevin DuCommun

I was immediately taken with the bold vibrance of Vigor. It's strong, dark foundation helps the content leap off the screen, while the contrast of strong lines and rich red colors command your attention. I found the design to be incredibly powerful, driving home a feeling of activity and energy vital to any project that needs to really make a statement.





Nominated by:  Alex Wiley

Love modern web design? Well you'll love Platform. This rich, content based multimedia site leaves you longing to adapt it to your own. I am a sucker for video, so add in the combination of beautiful animation and stunning imagery and I’m hooked. Platform offers a more modern and fresh take on the corporate world.





Nominated by:  Darian Kanius

My favourite theme of 2015 has got to be MNHTN. I chose this theme because, well, it’s plain beautiful to look at and because it’s one of our most complex themes to date – it really shows off the power and versatility of Adobe Muse and Muse Themes as a team. This theme ticks off every box on my list of awesome.





Christopher Watson
Christopher Watson / Pittsburgh, PA

Christopher Watson joined the MuseThemes team as Art Director in 2014. Self-diagnosed with a design-obsession, Christopher is the perfect man to provide beautiful themes for our members.

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