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Creating a Beautiful Event Calendar in Muse

Recently we discovered an Event Calendar widget called “UpTo”. When embedded in a Muse website, it’s by far one of the most functional and aesthetically pleasing calendars we have ever seen.

Calendar integration is an important feature for many business owners to have on their websites, and we’re definitely recommending you look at UpTo as an option to achieve this functionality.

Preview this widget in action on our MegaBand template:


    Sign up for an UpTo account

    They offer a free trial, and signup takes less than a minute - click here.

      Once you’ve signed up, you will need to create a new calendar (or manage an existing one). These options are available directly in your account area.


      Add events to your calendar

      Now that you’ve created a new calendar, you need to add events that will display when you embed the widget. Click the +Add Event button, and fill in your event details as needed. We recommend uploading a photo for the event, as the widget displays photos nicely when embedded in Muse.





      Embed the widget

      Once you’ve added several events into your calendar, we need to embed the widget in Muse.

      Click the “Preview & Embed” button in UpTo


      Select your calendar layout

      The UpTo calendar comes in a 4 unique layouts, which include event lists, a full monthly calendar and combinations of the two. For the MegaBand template, we selected the “Month + List View”.

      Once you've selected your layout, click Preview Calendar


      Copy / Paste Embed Code

      UpTo will now display the embed code for your calendar. Copy / paste this code directly into Muse. Once it’s copied in, you simply need to adjust the frame size for your widget, and preview it in the browser. It really is a beautiful widget!







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      Steve Harris
      Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

      Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.



      Thank you for sharing UpTō. Its great. It would be perfect if you guys put together a widget like this with google calendar integration. Small businesses are constantly asking for this type of service without the million dollar price tag


      Just writing to agree with Tim. Working with clients, it would be nice for them to have a login to access and update their calendars. Pretty sure you guys can kick some butt and make this happen. You’ve been able to do so much already.


      Small businesses really are often need google calendar integrated.

      My dream is – client update timetable on his smartphone and changes appear on website (atleast in a while)

      I love muse anyway, thank you guys!


      I wish it was free. This is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, $9 a month at the cheapest rate is far from free, and 14 days is a pretty miserly free trial. Gotta fin an option for my events schedule in Muse!


      Thanks for the tip
      I am attempting to use this in a site and it looks and works great except on iPhone
      When you scroll down the page & it hits the embedded upto calendar, scrolling gets jittery and jumps back to top of page
      Do you thinks this is upto or muse related

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