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This powerful widget may just make you rethink the way you design in Muse! Our Presentation Panels widget allows users to create full width and height "panels," which can be snap-scrolled with a mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys on a keyboard. This allows users to create dramatic, fullscreen scrolling page layouts that respond beautifully regardless of display size or shape. Scrolling works both vertically and horizontally.

Note: This is a powerful widget that takes control of page positioning, and may conflict with other fullscreen or location-specific elements. We do not recommend combining it with Pushy Panes, Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery, Media Pro, Versa Slide, Fullscreen Video Backgrounds, SHOW Video Backgrounds and scroll effects.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why doesn't your live preview work right in Safari?

Presentation Panels works great in Safari. Our live preview system uses an iframe, which has a strange quirk when viewed in Safari. When used in your own project, you will not have any issues.

When I use Presentation Panels, I can't see the header or footer I use throughout my site.

Since Presentation Panels is a full screen widget, it's designed to "take over" the page - so content such as a header or footer will be overridden by the widget. This is why we've added the header and footer options within the widget options. The best way to do it is to create state buttons that are designed to look exactly like your header and footer areas, and define the applied graphic styles in the widget panel. 

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