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An entirely new approach to creating video in Muse!

Our Responsive Video Suite is powerful, easy, and flexible. This single widget contains multiple components that can be mixed and matched to create video players, galleries and backgrounds.

The component-based approach keeps the widget "light" and reduces unnecessary page load time. Future component additions can be added seamlessly without disruption or reconstruction of pages and arrangements. With full responsive functionality, this versatile suite is a breeze to set up and looks great across all devices.

Note: The Background Video component of this widget takes control of page positioning in order to function fullscreen, and may conflict with other fullscreen or location-specific elements. We do not recommend combining it with Pushy Panes, Presentation Panels, Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery, Media Pro, Fullscreen Video Backgrounds, Versa Slide and scroll effects.

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1.3 Version
All Devices
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Commonly Asked Questions

Do I always need the Toolset component on the page?

Yes. The toolset is always required, though it can be placed outside of the workspace anywhere you like.

My video is not showing up correctly when I preview in browser.

We always suggest with any video widget to try publishing or uploading a test site when troubleshooting any video issues.

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