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Flickr Photo Gallery

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Flickr Photo Gallery

Our Flickr Gallery makes integrating and showing off your Flickr photo collection quick and easy. As perhaps the top photo-hosting option on the web, Flickr makes a fantastic backend/CMS for managing photos. Backend updates turn into realtime results on your Muse site.

We've built two primary display modes into the widget - a fullscreen slideshow, and a thumbnail gallery with lightbox image previews. Regardless of display mode, you will find a host of great customization options ready at your fingertips!

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Commonly Asked Questions

How many images can I display in my gallery?

A whole lot! 500, in fact.

How do I find my Flickr User ID? What about albums IDs?
We've placed a quick link in the widget options panel to a great tool for grabbing user IDs:

For albums, you can grab the number off of the end of the URL when viewing an album overview page. Alternatively, you can use for album IDs as well.

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