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Audio Playlist

Taking the web-based audio player to the next level, we've added support for an entire music playlist. This widget is great for sharing multiple tracks on your Adobe Muse website, whether the audio is self hosted, or web-based. With the same controls and settings found in much larger and complexly-integrated offerings, our Audio Playlist Widget makes it easy to add a highly customizable, full-featured audio player to your site.

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Commonly Asked Questions

When I preview my page, why do I see NaN:NaN for the track time?

Audio and video widgets should be tested on a published page, versus "Preview In Browser". The track time will work correctly when published.

When I publish my page, why do I see "Download File" instead of the player?

The loader component should be lower on the page than the player in Design mode. Keeping the two widget components grouped as they are when dragged from the library will keep this from happening.

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