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Instructions - Simple Password Widget

Use our Simple Password Widget to add password protection to a specific page on your website.

Disclaimer: While this protection will stop most users from accessing your content, experienced web pros could easily find a way to gain access. DO NOT use this widget to protect highly sensitive data or information. can not be held responsible for any unauthorized access or data breaches. By downloading and using this widget, you automatically agree to be bound to these terms, without any other conditions or declarations.


How does this widget work?

The password widget uses the NAME of the protected page as the password. You don't need to link the widget up to the protected page, it will automatically identify any page with that specific name when entering the password.

In the example below, visitors will see a login link on the "Login Page" - this page contains our widget.  When they enter "password123" in the password box, visitors will be granted access to the page titled "password123".

Please note - the widget may not find your protected page if it exists on a different sublevel within your website.  Try and keep both login and protected pages on the top level of your site.  You will want to hide the protected page from your navigation by right clicking it in the plan view and selecting Menu Options > Exclude Page From Menus


Instructions for Use

STEP 1 - Drag the password protection widget out on to the canvas.
Place it on the page that will contain your login link / button.

STEP 2 - Change the link text by editing the widget options (blue arrow).

STEP 3 - Style the link. The "click here to login" text can be styled using the text controls in Muse. Colors, fonts and link styles are all controllable.

STEP 4 - In the plan view in Muse, create a page that you would like to password protect. The NAME of the page will be used as the password to access it.

STEP 5 - Preview the site in the browser.  You must click "preview site in browser" as previewing only one page will not work.



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