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Add commenting functionality to any page in Muse using the Disqus widget. Disqus (pronounced "dis-cuss") is a commenting system that helps your site and content to build a following, and encourage engagement through discussion and commenting. 

Our widget easily and instantly integrates Disqus into your site. The widget is self-contained, meaning that styling and responsiveness are built in. And best of all, it is fully dynamic - meaning that discussion will appear on site pages without needing to open your Muse projects to post comments manually. Moderation and fine tuning of your discussion community can be controlled on the Disqus site.

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Commonly Asked Questions

I don't have the option for guest comments when I publish my Disqus widget

The guest commenting option must be turned on in the Disqus site backend. Log into Disqus, then head to Admin > Edit Settings > Community > "Allow guests to comment"

Disqus has dark and light color schemes. Why don't I see a setting for it in the widget options?

This setting is built in and automatic. The widget will use the dark scheme on light page backgrounds and vice versa. This ensures Disqus Commenting is always visible.

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