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Need to display charts on your site? Then Chart Connect is exactly what you need. Use a simple Google spreadsheet to enter data, and view the results in a beautiful, interactive chart. Like the other widgets in our Connect series, Chart Connect is perfect for providing remote management of live charts on your website.

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Chart Connect features 5 chart types: line, horizontal and vertical bar, pie and donut. These stylish charts are fully responsive, and include animation, legends with live category filtering, and tooltips displaying pertinent data upon mouse hover.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a .csv file?

A .csv file is a basic spreadsheet file that can be edited in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or similar.

Should I use the web-based template, or the local file? What's the difference?

Ultimately, there's no difference in the functionality of the sidebar menu, whether you use the web template or the local template. Local files allow for traditional editing and backup in your favorite spreadsheet editor. The web template option allows for immediate remote updates for you or your client.

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