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Member Spotlight - Nelson Cishugi, Mapinga

Nelson Cishugi has been a MuseThemes member for over a year now and is the only MuseThemes member living in the Republic of the Congo. Although most of our customers are located in North America, we are fortunate to have members around the world. It is always exciting for us to engage with our customers – learn about their Muse-experience and what makes them tick – and we were so happy to get a unique insight from a member across the globe.


Tell us about your business and how you discovered Adobe Muse

I'm a graphic and web specialist, as well as an Adobe Certified Expert so I'm familiar with all of the Adobe products. I discovered Muse with an update of my creative cloud, and have used it since then.


Tell us about how you use widgets or themes to build great websites

Generally I create my own themes, integrating the requests of my customers. This allows me to really do what I want and there is practically no limit. Third party widgets save me time by allowing me to quickly integrate solutions that would take hours otherwise.


What are your top recommendations for new Muse designers?

New users need to master the Adobe Muse interface, getting a handle on Graphic, Paragraph, and Character Styles. By creating and saving your styles, you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for, and easily change the look of any object. A little HTML or CSS code knowledge can also help you customize your website.


What is your favorite MuseThemes widget or tool?

I use several of the widgets pretty frequently, but I think my favorite one is the ClassyNav Menu widget.

- Nelson Cishugi


Mackenzie Petursson
Mackenzie Petursson / Calgary, Canada

Mackenzie Petursson started at MuseThemes in 2014 when she ditched that corporate life in favor of working in her sweatpants. Obsessed with people, words, and grammar (in that order), Mackenzie works as the Communications/Support Specialist.

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