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Ecommerce Shopping Cart for Adobe Muse - Free Ecwid Widget

With the burgeoning retail opportunities of the holiday season upon us, the benefits of capturing online sales are undeniable. For the small fish, competing in the consumer market may be daunting, but adding an online store to your site can help catapult you forward.

Creating or finding an embedded ecommerce solution for Adobe Muse, however, has always been a challenge. Although there are various options for selling single products, there was no all-in-one ecommerce solution that integrated a complete shopping cart.

Until now!



Embed an entire online store into your Muse site

Ecwid (Ecommerce + Widget), an ecommerce platform, approached us to build an official widget that would integrate seamlessly with Muse. Ecwid’s focus – providing small businesses with online stores for their existing sites – was easy to get behind and we built a pack of four widgets for Muse. These widgets combine to make one of the most comprehensive and functional ecommerce solutions for Muse.



Product Browser

The primary component of the bundle, this widget creates a polished online storefront for your products.  Specify layout style: list, grid, or table, and customize the number of rows and columns.


Category Tabs

This simple, but effective widget allows you to group related items into tabs. Especially useful for sites with a large number of products, this feature will make navigating your store simple.


Shopping Cart

Perhaps one of the most unprecedented components of the bunch, customers can now add (or drag and drop!) unlimited products to their cart before checking out in one step. The shopping cart component comes in two unique formats (large and mini) and can be pinned to the browser window so it's visible at all times.


Search Box

Wrapping up what is the most thorough, but straightforward online shopping experience, the search function improves navigation and the resulting sales. Search results are displayed directly in the product browser, and can be formatted in a list or grid view.


Get started on your store

Look for this complimentary widget on our site or the Adobe Muse Add-ons space. Sign up for a free Ecwid starter account here.



Steve Harris
Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.



Ecwid bases their SEO & Indexing with PHP, but Adobe Muse is HTML only.
How are we supposed to optimize our webstore with this plugin for proper search results?

Diljeet Kaur
Diljeet Kaur

I really want to create my online shop and in search of it i found your site but unfortunately Ecwid is not working with Muse 7.4. Is there any alternative for it?

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