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Responsive Design in Adobe Muse (Hack!)


Exciting news! Recently Adobe announced responsive design is coming to Muse in a new version releasing late 2015. In the Adobe MAX keynote demonstration, Muse appeared to have a responsive "grabber" on the right edge of the design canvas, which can be dragged to simulate different screen sizes and adjust the design accordingly.

Here at MuseThemes, we're already at work building responsive themes, widgets, and updating our existing library to function perfectly in the upcoming release. We're very excited to roll out new products and training to help you succeed in the responsive world - stay tuned! Too see a preview of what's in store, click here:

Our original article on hacking responsive design is below.


We recently caught up with Christopher Watson, the designer behind the awesome Boots Printing Co. website. Chris and I had dinner at Adobe MAX last year, and it was immediately apparent to me that he was one of the most proficient Muse users I’ve ever encountered.

A couple of months ago Chris unveiled the Boots Printing Co website – while most users were in awe of his fullscreen video background, a few curious designers looked closely and noticed some surprising functionality. The homepage appears to be responsive - if you shrink your browser window down to a mobile size, you’ll see that these 3 elements adjust to a stacked orientation. How can it be!

Even I was skeptical this was done directly in Muse, however Chris assured me it was. He was willing to share his secret, and showed me how he achieved the effect using a simple text box and graphic elements pasted inside.

Check out the video below for a complete demonstration – this is a very basic implementation, however it illustrates this simple technique very clearly.

Please keep in mind – This technique is considered a hack, and by using this functionality you’re likely not going to receive any help on the official Muse support forums. You’re on your own in uncharted territory.



Steve Harris
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Steve Harris
Steve Harris / Calgary, Canada

Steve Harris started MuseThemes in 2011 and steadily grew the company, going from a full-time corporate employee to being his own boss. More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, author, and holds equally large collections of both business books and fine scotch.


oscar toledo
oscar toledo

Thanks you very much !!!

You guys are great , I love all your widgets and tutorials.

Where you was few days ago..
This is awesome!

István Máté
István Máté

Hey Guys!

In here in Hungary we called this technic “ghipsy technic”. It’s very very bad way, i think, because it’s pseudo…

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