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Customer Spotlight - Barbara Ingram, The Paramount

Our customers inspire everything we do and we LOVE hearing how Muse has impacted their lives! Barbara Ingram has been a MuseThemes customers since the early days, finding us while moving from the print world over to web. She now runs The Paramount with her husband where they provide website / graphic design and internet marketing services to a global clientele.

Find our more about Barbara's experience with Adobe Muse and MuseThemes!

by Mackenzie Campbell

Adding IDX and MLS Feeds to Adobe Muse – Real Estate Listings

A question we get quite often is “How do I put an MLS feed in my site?”. We’ll answer that question and dig into the process of adding real estate feeds to your site in our latest article.

Muse CC 2015.2: Our Favorite New Features

The 2015.2 release of Adobe Muse CC marks the first major feature release since the introduction of responsive Muse in February 2016. And it is truly loaded with some big-time additions: workflow improvements, all new tools, and even the re-introduction of a popular feature missing from the last release. So let's jump in and take a look at our favorite features!


by Brandon Wallace

Mumblr: So Much More Than A Blogging Widget

You may have been seeing a lot of buzz about our Mumblr Blog Content widget lately. After all, it has been the subject of several newsletters, has seen a widget update within two weeks of launch, and the busiest section of our new MuseThemes forum goes by the name: you guessed it - Mumblr. So what's all the commotion about? Read on, and we'll tell you.

State of the Union - Responsive Update

It’s been a few crazy weeks since the responsive version of Muse dropped, and we wanted to do a quick recap of what the team is working on, what we’ve learned since the release, and a few other tips, tricks and important announcements.

Adobe Muse Responsive - New MuseThemes Products & Pricing

It’s been a long 4 months since Adobe announced responsive design was coming to Adobe Muse, with an early 2016 release date.

Well last we checked early 2016 had arrived, and we’re so excited about what we’ve got coming your way. Our entire team has been working day and night (consuming only coffee and cookies) to prep our new products and get you up to speed quickly with Responsive Adobe Muse.

We’re also implementing a new pricing structure for future members. Don’t worry though, all of our current members will keep their original pricing.

It’s time to get excited – here’s what we’ve got in store!

Our Favorite Adobe Muse Themes of 2015


This time of year makes a person reminisce, doesn’t it? While taking stock of how each of our libraries have grown, the MuseThemes team got onto the topic of favorite templates. Check out our blog post to uncover each person’s pick for best theme and why it gets their vote!

by Christopher Watson

Great News! Our Forum No Longer Sucks.

We take a lot of pride in our products and community, and our forum wasn't making the grade. Learn what we did about it.

by Steve Harris

4 Social Media Channels to Keep an Eye on in 2016

Alright, we already know all about Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Vine – they’ve been doing their thing for a while. The excitement surrounding social hasn’t slowed, however, so here are a few up-and-coming social companies to watch this year. 

by Christopher Watson

Using Video In Your Adobe Muse Website

Ready to add video to your website design? In this article, we look into why you might want to consider adding video to your site, and how to do it. We also share some indispensable tips on encoding your video, along with some great-looking examples of sites on the web who are using video in creative, cutting-edge ways.

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