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Legacy Widgets Are Being Dropped From Bundle Download

September 30, 2016
Starting Wednesday October 5th, the Legacy Widgets will no longer be included in the bundle download. Expect lighter, quicker downloads.

Two Widgets Temporarily Removed From Library

August 30, 2016
You may have noticed that a few of our widgets are missing from the website currently. Just a quick note to explain the reason

Pushy Panes: Alternative to Versa Slide

July 23, 2016
We suggest using the Pushy Panes widget in place of Versa Slide. This brief article explains why
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What's New

Latest Updates & Releases

Sep 30, 2016

SuperHero (v1.1) - Fixed child panel positioning problems and extra space being created outside of widget when child was placed to the right


Sep 28, 2016

Trace | Animate SVG Icons - Effortlessly animate SVG Icons with our new Trace widget


Sep 14, 2016

Build - A simple, fixed-width responsive theme perfect for beginners to Muse


Sep 9, 2016

Sidebar Off-Canvas Menu (v2.0) - Complete widget rebuild to add responsive function and full compatibility with Muse 2015.2. Also adds additional customization, and doubles the number of link options


Sep 7, 2016

Disqus - A new commenting and discussion widget intended to help build a following and encourage engagement on your site


Aug 26, 2016

Randomizer (v1.1) - Fixed issue causing image to break when crossing breakpoints


Aug 24, 2016

Profile - A modern web-based resume theme, purpose-built to ensure your experience stands out from the crowd


Aug 19, 2016

Cinch Slideshow (v1.3) - Multiple bug fixes: pinning issue, device orientation bug, and layout/appearance issues seen in IE and Edge browsers


Aug 17, 2016

OnLoad Animator - New widget providing a powerful suite of animations for any Muse element


Aug 12, 2016

Twitter Feed Pro (v1.3) - Fixed bug causing Twitter to stop functioning when breakpoints are added 


Aug 10, 2016

Hover Reveal - New widget adds a content area and link to images, revealed on hover


Aug 5, 2016

HeadLiner 2.0 - Fixes issues some users reported of muse objects and text becoming misaligned when previewed or published 

MP3 Audio Player - Fixes playback issues when crossing breakpoints while resizing browser window


Aug 3, 2016

Mapbox Custom Maps 2.0 - A widget rebuild to capture recent changes to the Mapbox service


July 28, 2016

Karma - A responsive height and width theme perfect for a yoga studio, fitness service, or health practice


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Compatibility Notice

Due to page positioning in Muse, the following widgets are known to have conflicts when used together.

  • - Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery
  • - Fullscreen Video Backgrounds
  • - Media Pro Gallery
  • - Presentation Panels
  • - Pushy Panes
  • - Versa Slide
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