Galleries 101 - Essential Training

Become an image gallery master with this essential training


Expanding Footer - Tutorial

We walk you through the process of creating an expandable footer similar to the one included in the MNHTN theme. 

Frame Scrubber - Tutorial

This widget creates a background image sequence that animates as you scroll. This video shows you how it's done.

Versa Slide - Tutorial

A slick fullscreen page display system, complete with custom slide-in animation.

Parallax Background - Tutorial

Add interactive parallax motion effects to your desktop, phone, or tablet site.

Rotating Animations - Tutorial

This simple Toolbox widget applies a rotating effect to any Muse element defined by a graphic style. 

Audio Playlist - Tutorial

An audio player with support for self-hosted and web-based multiple track playlists. Lets take a look.


Fresh Template - Overview

Fresh is a salon and spa template with a beautiful fullscreen navigation menu.


Repose Template - Overview

A soft and tranquil site with lots of white space. Perfect for a tea shop or café.


Mobile SEO Guide - Tutorial

Learn how to optimize your Muse mobile website to safely pass the Google mobile-friendly test


YouTube Video Gallery - Tutorial

Create an extensive YouTube video library displayed in a gallery format for your Muse site. 

Video Backgrounds - Tutorial

Learn how to work with two of our popular widgets: Video Backgrounds and HTML5 Video Player.

Building the Widget Vault Mega Menu - Tutorial

Learn how we built our popular Widget Vault mega menu, using the composition widget.

Typekit Library - Tutorial

Use our highly useful drag and drop Typekit Library widget to integrate your Typekit fonts.

Twitter Feed Pro - Tutorial

Use the Twitter Feed Pro Widget to embed a complete twitter feed into your Adobe Muse site. 

Translation Tool - Tutorial

Easily translate all of your website text into over 80 different languages using Google Translate.

Tockify Calendar - Tutorial

Keep visitors up-to-date on events and collect RSVP's using the Tockify Calendar Widget.

Fullscreen Thumbnail Gallery - Tutorial

Showcase your photography and portfolio with this sleek gallery widget. 

Text Ticker - Tutorial

Reveal up to eight unique messages on your Muse site with our Message Ticker Widget.

Text Shadows - Tutorial

Create a responsive shadow effect, playing off your text in relation your mouse position.

Table Maker - Tutorial

Use the Table Maker Widget to create simple, but powerful and sortable tables in Muse. 

Sync Text Across Layouts - Tutorial

Learn to easily place and synchronize text on various layouts - desktop, mobile, and tablet.

State Button - Tutorial

Make the most of your site with an under-used, but extremely powerful feature in Adobe Muse.

Square Navigation Menu - Tutorial

Launch an elegant animated menu overlay using any button created in Adobe Muse.


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