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Hover Reveal

Can I turn the link off?

While there is no enable/disable option for links, you can simply keep the Link Text field blank and keep the Link Style option set to link text. No link will appear with these settings.

Why does my text content get cut off at small screen sizes? I thought this widget was responsive!
Hover Reveal is responsive. However, if you have a lot of text content in your reveal area, it may not fit as the image size scales down on smaller screens. If you have trouble with this, create separate instances of the widget for your small breakpoints.
by Brandon Wallace


How did you create the parallax effect on the last sample in the live preview?

We used two stacked Infiniscroll widgets, set for opposite directions and using PNG files with transparency


Why do the timing settings seem to work differently in the two modes?
The two display modes have to be built very differently, and involve very different transition types and math calculations. In short, it's best to play with the timing settings until you're happy with the results
by Brandon Wallace


Can I link to a specific slide in a timeline?
Yes! Just check the box titled "Enable Slide URL" in the option panel. Then once you publish, you can grab the URL from the specific slide and use it for the link
What kind of media can I use in the timeline?
Tons of media types are supported. Look here for details
by Brandon Wallace

Page Turner

How is the content placed onto each page?

Each page is styled using individual State Buttons. Place text, images, video, even other widgets within your pages!

What about page numbers?
Page numbers are automatic. If you'd like them displayed, simply enable them in the widget options.
by Brandon Wallace

Cinch Slideshow

Is there a way to add links or thumbnails to slides?

We will be developing a more powerful slideshow option in the future which can incorporate advanced features. The idea for the Cinch Slider is to be simple, clean and light.

I've enabled the "Fullscreen" setting in the widget options panel, but the slideshow isn't previewing fullscreen in the browser.

The widget also needs to be set to full browser width in Muse design mode in order to display fullscreen.

by Brandon Wallace

SHOW - Responsive Video Suite

Do I always need the Toolset component on the page?

Yes. The toolset is always required, though it can be placed outside of the workspace anywhere you like.

My video is not showing up correctly when I preview in browser.

We always suggest with any video widget to try publishing or uploading a test site when troubleshooting any video issues.

by Brandon Wallace

Interactive Scale

How did you get the individual buttons to scale within the "pie slices" in the demo above? When I try, all the buttons scale at once.

The trick to getting individual elements to trigger separately within a state button is to use individual state buttons within a state button. They will trigger independent of the containing state button.

How many different types of scale effects can I use on the same page?
As many as you like!
by Brandon Wallace

Paypal Custom Buttons

Does Paypal Custom Buttons only work in USD?

No. We support more than 2 dozen currencies.

How did you make the magnifying glass cursor and product zoom in the preview?

Our Custom Cursor and Photo Zoom widgets work great for that!

by Brandon Wallace

Motor Menu

How did you make the round icon-based buttons in your preview?

We made round menu buttons by adding corner radius to the standard menu items, then cranking up the radius value. To create the icons, we opened the menu options and disabled labels, and enabled "Show Left Icons". Finally, we filled the icon container with the icons of our choice.

How can I make the menu appear dead-center, like your "example 2" in the preview?

When custom positioning is disabled, the menu will automatically center along the Y axis. So placing the positioning widget about halfway up the site will position the menu dead center.


by Brandon Wallace

Eventbrite Ticketing

Do I have to pay to use Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is free for free events. Eventbrite charges a small fee for paid events, though you may include fees in the ticket prices to keep your cost fee-free. (Based on current Eventbrite pricing) 

How do I tie my event to social media?

Eventbrite has a great feature called Social Stream. Check it out in your Eventbrite account area.

by Brandon Wallace

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