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Legacy Widgets Are Being Dropped From Bundle Download

Almost 8 months since the launch of Muse 2015.1 on February 8th of 2016, we all seem to be pretty settled into responsive Muse. We've included the older versions of our widgets in our bundle download to ease transition and for those not immediately updating their Muse application. 

Beginning Wednesday, Oct 5th, the Legacy Widgets will no longer be included in the bundle download. This will make the bundle file size much smaller, and allow for quicker bundle downloads.

We realize you may still have older version 11.x widgets in older sites. If you ever need to replace or update an older Legacy Widget, we suggest replacing with current versions of the widgets as they have extra features and responsive support not possible in the older software. If you get stuck and really need a Legacy version of a widget, contact us - we'll be happy to help out.



by Brandon Wallace

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