Creating an online store (eCommerce) in Adobe Muse - Video Training

Curious how you can build a complete online store using Adobe Muse?

Check out the video below for a full tutorial, using the ecommerce provider Wazala's embeddable online store.  It only took me 4 minutes to integrate the store into Adobe Muse, and I didn't write a single line of HTML code.

For more information about Wazala, feel free to click the banner to the right to let the folks over there know that I sent you their way. I would greatly appreciate it.

Enjoy, and good luck!

by Steve Harris
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John said:

Wow I’m excited I can implement this in my site :)



Jimmy said:

What about creating an eCommerce store on Muse for clients?


Janet said:

Wazala works beautifully within Muse! It looks great and it updates automatically as you add products. I am so grateful for your information. Thank you for sharing it. The support folks at wazala are also very helpful. said:

Hi Janet,

That’s great to hear! Glad that the Wazala team has helped you out as well.

~Steve Harris


Abdul said:

SEO has changed a lot recently, because the work is technical it is best done by workers who have learnt the industry and have industry experience, this can be quite rare with a lot of professionals though
p.s Never take guidance from people on the Warrior Forums haha


Camilla said:

Hi. I tried Wazala, easy tool, but could not use it, because of the payment gateways – the credit card solution for Scandinavia was not available yet … Does anyone have another similar solution?


Joe said:

Very helpful, thank you. Would this be the course of action to take if I wanted to set up an online site for a restaurant and have an order online feature?


Bert said:

Thanks a million for this info!!!!!!! I will be putting it to use.


Kam said:

O’ well. Thanks. My search had it’s purpose and your site and this post was it.


Elia said:

I created a online store in Wazala and put it in my web, BUT, I tried to make a buy and in the last step the page fails.
Do you know if I need configure a ‘online store’ in my server before put the store in my web?

Thank you


KeyLime said:

OMG so easy, no more coding, Im so happy now.

Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly

Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly said:

Well done Steve! This was a great tutorial and I am so glad you have introduced me to Wazala theme. Great accent too!

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